FM101 Mirpur having the largest range with its powerful transmitter and operating in wider radius than other channels of the area. Our channel has the honor of being listened in many parts of Pakistan and the entire AJ&K which is the great achievement in the history of broadcasting. Medium wave channel also covers a wide range of areas starting from Mirpur to Kolti, Bhimber, Muzaffarabad, Hatian Bala, Forward Kahota, Rawalakot, Bagh, Neelum Valley, Sudhnoti, Hawailian, GT Road (Lahore to Rawalpindi), Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, most parts of Punjab & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces and also some Parts of Sindh & Baluchistan provinces.

Mission:  To inform educate and entertain masses for prosperous and healthy society

Slogan:  Powerful Authentic Melodious .A Paragon of Infotainment.

Parent Organization:-    Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan)

Date of Inception: September 30, 2002(MW), September 30, 2009 (FM).

Upgradation:- FM93 Upgraded to FM101.4 on 1 Dec 2015. Saut-Ul-Quran Started Working on Feb 2017.

Frequency:     936 KHz (MW), 101.4 MHz (FM), 93.4 MHz (FM)  Saut-Ul-Quran.

Meter Band:   320.51 (MW)

Transmitter: MW 100KW (Make: Nortel, Canada) 2.5 KW FM 101 Mirpur (Make: Rhode & Schwartz, Germany).

Transmission MW:  First 05:40am to 10:05am(04 Hours and 25 Minutes)

Second 15:55pm to 23:10pm( 7 Hours and 15 Minutes).

Total Duration MW:  11 Hours and 40 Minutes

Transmission FM:  05:45 am to 12:00am

Total Duration FM: 18 hours and 15 Minutes


Focus: Community/Public Service Broadcast and News/Current Affairs.

Language:  Urdu, Pahari, Kashmiri, Gojri

Hook-Up’s-(PBC) :  Urdu, English

Feedback Mechanism: Letters, Calls, SMS, Fax, E-mail, Facebook.

Building Area: Broadcasting House –4 Kanals 

High Power Transmitter– 200 Kanals

Production Facilities: Well-equipped four studios, Master Control Room, Dubbing/Editing Room, Reference Books/Music Library, e-SMS receiving System.

Partner Magazines: Monthly Bang , Monthly Ahang, Annual Awaz-e-Nau.

Developments: Digitization and Networking of Entire Broadcasting House, Wi-Fi Facility, Computerization of Studios and Broadcasting System, Installation of latest equipments for producing super sound qualities