Frequency:     936 KHz (MW), 101 MHz (FM)
Meter Band:   320.51 (MW)
Transmitter: MW 100KW (Make: Nortel, Canada) 2.5 KW
FM 101 Mirpur (Make: Rhode & Schwartz, Germany).
Transmission MW:  First:05:40am to 10:05am
Second: 15:55pm to 23:10pm
Total Duration MW:  11 Hours and 40 Minutes
Transmission FM:  05:45 am to 12:00am
Total Duration FM: 18 hours and 15 Minutes
Focus: Community/Public Service Broadcast and News/Current Affairs.
Language:  Urdu, Pahari, Kashmiri, Gojri
Hook-Up’s-(PBC):  Urdu, English
Feedback Mechanism: Letters, Calls, SMS, Fax, E-mail, Facebook.
Building Area: Broadcasting House –4 Kanals
High Power Transmitter– 200 Kanals
Production Facilities: Well-equipped four studios, Master Control Room, Dubbing/Editing Room, Reference Books/Music Library, e-SMS receiving System.
Partner Magazines: Monthly Bang , Monthly Ahang, Annual Awaz-e-Nau.
Developments: Digitization and Networking of Entire Broadcasting House, Wi-Fi Facility, Computerization of Studios and Broadcasting System, Installation of latest equipments for producing super sound qualities